Notification Status API

Use this API to check the delivery status of your push notifications.

API Endpoint


Make sure to replace SECRET_API_KEY with your app's Secret API Key listed in the Dashboard.

Note: This is a backend API endpoint. Never expose your application's Secret API Key in your client code.

API Parameters

Key Description Type
PUSH_ID The push notification unique ID, provided by the Send Notifications API. A string
API Response

Successful Response Example

  "push": {
    "date": 1464003935,
    "payload": {
      "message": "Hello World!"
    "expiration": 1466595935,
    "pending_devices": [

Failure Response Example

{"error":"We could not find a push notification with that ID linked to your account. It is possible that the push notification expired or was delivered to all target devices successfully."}
API Response Objects

Key Description Type
push Metadata about the push notification (see below). An object


Key Description Type
date The creation date of the push notification (unix timestamp). An integer
payload The push notification payload data. An object
expiration The push notification expiration date (unix timestamp). An integer
pending_devices An array of device tokens that have not received the push notification yet. Limited to a maximum of 1,000 tokens. A string[] array