Store Device Tokens

Devices are assigned a unique token that you need to keep track of.

Every device is assigned a unique token that you can use to push it at any given time. Once the device has been assigned a token, your app should store it in your backend database. When you're ready to push the device, you'll send its token to our REST API, and we'll deliver the push notification to the corresponding device ASAP.

Implementation Example

Implementing the API endpoint that will store the tokens is up to you, but here's an example.

Say that your backend hostname is You could then define an API endpoint accessible via the following URL:

When your app makes an HTTP request to that endpoint, your backend should authenticate the user and store their device token next to their user ID within your database, if you have one.

You can then fetch each user's device token and send it to us when you want to send them a push notification.